There Juno stood still and raised a shout like that of brazen-voiced Stentor, whose cry was as loud as that of fifty men together. ‘Argives,’ she cried; ‘shame on cowardly creatures, brave in semblance only; as long as Achilles was fighting, if his spear was so deadly that the Trojans dared not show themselves outside the Dardanian gates, but now they sally far from the city and fight even at your ships.’ With these words she put heart and soul into them all.

Iliad Book V

Stentorian Bitch is a political literary journal that publishes previously unpublished works on the first of every month. While certain issues may have themes or focus in on specific groups, topics, events or otherwise, we gladly accept works from any and all points of view and experiences for publication consideration. 

As the word “Stentorian” suggests, our magazine seeks voices who tell their story in a powerful or forceful way which refuse to be ignored and unheard. The word “Bitch” contains versatile meanings depending on the intonation, enunciation, and context of a situation. The stories published here express the spectrum between the binaries of emotion, states of mind, and religious and superstitious beliefs. By being published in this magazine, our contributors wear the badge of “Bitch” proudly, unapologetically owning their voices as a “Bitch Writer.” Please do not misunderstand our use of the term, “bitch,” we acknowledge its sordid history but we are working to reclaim and transcend this word as a term of empowerment and re-appropriating it as a badge of honor.

At Stentorian Bitch, we are honest about our political identities and that this literary journal is political and proudly so. We are not interested in debating your, nor our own political views with anyone. Beyond that, we reserve the right to decline any submissions that are: offensive, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, discriminatory, ableist, or otherwise transgressive towards particular persons, groups, or swaths of marginalized people or identities.

Stentorian Bitch was founded by four New Mexico Highlands University graduate students that come from different backgrounds. We are a mix of genders, sexualities, cultures,  religious affiliations, and literary tastes. WE ARE BORED of the monotony of the American Canon, which often features a singular race and gender as the pinnacle of “high literature”. We are starving for new voices and our diverse backgrounds enable us to empathize and then stand with people whose points of view have otherwise gone unheard.

Even if you are not selected for publication, we are committed to transparency and one of the ways we achieve this is through providing meaningful and genuine feedback to those who submit their work to us. Since the majority of our masthead is made up of individuals with professional degrees in varying aspects of the humanities, we feel our feedback will be valuable to those who are not selected for publication. The work might be great but have one obstacle that keeps it from publication, and we feel that our comments as to why we did not select the work will help you in the future as you continue your journey as a bitch writer. 

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