Diana Manesi

Amateur tailors         script writers of minority groups 
you never let them in
they tend to get sunburned                                              easy-peasy
just in cases and emergencies   under narcosis    when you break a glass or two   
                                           then bad luck hits town
If you see a tailored writer                 eat cricket burgers 
stay prudent and cool
He’ll think you write books, 
important books, 
well-respected           life-changing
he’ll call you for a session on avant-garde
I was meant to write a book         change the progress of man-kind to woman-kind, 
kind women — rude likeable men
the whole book was bloody — smeared with jam and mucus
{Do you know? 
Do you know which part of you is tailored in advance?}
I plagiarize tailor-style gloves,   
                                  sing on C minor         skype-call spinsters     chit-chat with minors
{Do you know? Do you know how becoming minor feels?}
My friend to-be says 
“I am the books I converse over wine& chips, 
I am the quotes I copy-paste in my diaries, 
I am the packs of rice I slice open to cover my prey and its fingernails” 
This makes life worthwhile 
reckless      and down,                                             at least now I wear tailored style gloves.

Author Bio: Diana Manesi recently published her book “One and whole: One bite” by Queer Ink Publications: http://queerink.gr/en/publication/diana-manesi/. She has also written poems for online poetry magazines- a glimpse of hybrid narrative- and participated at various poetry workshops and readings in Athens and London. She recently completed her thesis in social anthropology with a focus on queer and lesbian feminism in Greece. She has taught anthropology and feminist theory at Goldsmiths College in London and currently works at an Athens-based Feminist Centre for the rights of all women.

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