Diana Manesi

The real woods await to go on couple’s dating
I am good at reciting poems but when I write, words fall in gaps, tubes, channels, me, coco
chanel, {intermediary},   bridges, lines, spirals of vertigo, a false sense of rotational
movement,   a shadowed father figure rising from the trapdoor, I am in loss of words,
          not that I ever had 
I learned what was necessary to support my mother and prove my father wrong,              no
correlation to   
memory proves me wrong,
            my walk from     woods to pool             my date over magnetic fields
                                                                                                                                        my one and only              {unroll}  

I had sex with many husbands swimming back and forth,          {rat’s tail)
timeless zones made of particles and electrolytes sat             on water,              {boil} 
                          life-potions became luxurious. I became luxurious.
In there, out there and about,                 husbands pay tribute to my curves          {onion}
I put a coin under my tongue,           catch an eye of newt       {strings attached}
I don’t want to be disturbed                                                           {slice}
after all, I am a witch,                             in the woods,                       {boletus}
with my hands I model        play- doh boys                            to get me out of misery
            in the woods;           {control}
They want to be real boys, I want to lay down,
                                                                                          lie          {oaths}         and   wear my tailored-style
                  {in the woods} 

Author Bio: Diana Manesi recently published her book “One and whole: One bite” by Queer Ink Publications: http://queerink.gr/en/publication/diana-manesi/. She has also written poems for online poetry magazines- a glimpse of hybrid narrative- and participated at various poetry workshops and readings in Athens and London. She recently completed her thesis in social anthropology with a focus on queer and lesbian feminism in Greece. She has taught anthropology and feminist theory at Goldsmiths College in London and currently works at an Athens-based Feminist Centre for the rights of all women.

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