Shalene Cruz (She/Her/Them/They), M.A. ~ Editor in Chief & Founder

Never allowed to have animals in childhood, Shalene is now surrounded by loved ones in many shapes, sizes, and species.

Always a natural leader in many scenarios, Shalene Cruz is proud to be directing a team of editors at Stentorian Bitch. Shalene is a proud Latina, Feminist, Bisexual, Witch, Mother, and Wife. She enjoys reading and writing both Fiction and Nonfiction, especially pieces with thematically dark, grotesque, and fantastical elements. Shalene has also been diagnosed with OCD and supports those in the mental health community.

Christina Litherland (She/Her), M.A. ~ Managing Senior Editor & Co-Founder

Never one to shy away from controversy, Christina Litherland proudly announces herself to the audience of Stentorian Bitch as a Feminist, Presbyterian, CODA, New Mexican, Democrat, and Political & Social Activist. As an alumna of Cottey College and member of P.E.O., Christina cares deeply for and supports the education of women at all times, under any circumstance, and in every aspect of life from reproductive health to political advocacy. As the product of a bilingual (English; American Sign Language) & bicultural home (hearing mother; Deaf father), Christina recognizes the struggles that face members of minority communities, particularly those where multiple shades of one’s different identities collide. She is the former Managing Editor of The New Mexico Review and while she’s had some success as a writer, she much prefers to read, research, edit, and help shape the writings of others. Writing Center scholarship, historical fiction, personal prose narratives, and technical writing are uppermost on her list of literary pursuits.

Steven Rivera (All Pronouns Welcome Except “It”) ~ Co-Founder

Steven Rivera identifies as: Chicanx, Queer, Curandero, Gender Nonconforming (though male presenting), Chaotic Good, Feminist, and avid Reader, Writer, and Gaymer. Steven is a graduate student of English Literature at New Mexico Highlands University. He enjoys reading pretty much everything but has particular interests in fantasy epics, poetry of all forms, memoir and lyric essay, as well as video games as literature, which explore new ideas, various perspectives, and an array of identities. Because of these interests, Steven mostly stays home with his four dogs to read, write, and play games when not cramming for school. He was also the lead editor of The New Mexico Review at Highlands University. He is published in the Santa Fe Literary Review, and a finalist of the Elizabeth Curry poetry prize.

April Crespin (She/Her/Them/They), M.A. ~ Co-Founder

April Crespin, is a New Mexican, Feminist, Bisexual, LGBTQ+ ally, Dog Mom, and writer of creative nonfiction. She enjoys reading all genres of writing, but specializes and feels especially passionate about creative nonfiction. April has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and supports those in the mental health community. She explores the topic of mental health in her writing with the goal of breaking down the stigma of talking about mental health struggles. She finds herself in her writing.

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